Sandbox with Argolands

We are proud to announce that The Sandbox Game decided to support our initiative, allowing us to sell our NFT tree on the Sandbox’s Marketplace.

For each NFT sold on the marketplace, The Sandbox will be so generous to buy another NFT, to further help funding our project.

What will we do with the NFT funds?

Although Argolands aims to be an international project, we are starting from our closest territory: Italy. We already have identified the first plot of land to buy, in south Sardinia. It’s called “Teulada Casale” and it’s 38 hectares (about 94 acres) large, and it costs 50,000 euro (about 60,200 dollars). You can check on Google Maps below, or check the video we took there with our drone!

If we will not be able to buy this plot (the owner may sell to someone else before we gather the required funds), we will search in the same area for a similar land.

The criteria we are using for the choice of the land to buy are the following: an healthy land which can be used for regenerative agriculture and other enhancement projects, that is not affected by chemical, agricultural or electromagnetic pollution and is at least 20 hectares large.

What will be do on the land?

Once we have the land, we will not only plant trees. We will operate to:

leave 2/3 of the land uncultivated, to give Nature the space and time to restore its own balance
– setting up the land to preserve biodiversity, avoiding monoculture and intensive farming, planting trees and plants from ancient, local species, which are beneficial for the environment and are stronger on that specific area, without the need of chemicals
– allowing local people to work there and earn a living as wardens, to supervise on the land
– allowing tourists and digital nomads to come as visitors and stay there for short periods of time. for retreat, meditation, stress relief, healing

Finally, we would like to create a cryptocurrency, which will be called Gaian, to allow investors and nature’s lovers from all over the world to buy and sell plots of land, knowing that it will be put on preservation.

What about the energy consumption related to minting?

We are using Ethereum Layer 2 version, which has lower energy consumption to mint, and thus less carbon emissions. We care about the environment and we decided to wait until this new version was released, to be sure our initiative would not consume too much energy and pollution.

How can you follow our progress?

Get back to this page to check what we are doing with the gathered funds. Thanks to Sandbox, we are confident we will be able to buy the first plot of land soon, to further develop our project. The bigger picture is to create a green grid around the planet, to protect and improve the Earth’s ecosystem for us and for the future generations. With your help, we may start right now!

Adriano De Vincentiis: Message to Argolands

The artist Adriano De Vincentiis (click here for his blog), after having donated to the Argoland Community some of his artworks, decided to write us a message, together with two wonderful drawings that he created to express his support to our cause and his vision of the Argo’s initiative.

We are using the superb Argo coins’ drawings he donated us, making NFT collectibles to fund our project. Look at the logo of this website, it’s one of Adriano’s coins!

I, Andrew0 (click here for my NFT portfolio on Opensea), as a member of Argolands, will work to edit and tokenize these artworks, presenting them in an interactive, animated way, and disseminate them in the crypto-art space.

Here’s Adriano’s message and drawings:

“On his return to Itaca, Ulysses is disguised as a beggar, he’s hidden by an artifice, in fact no one can recognize him except for his dog Argo.

The animal’s natural ability to be invulnerable to any disguise speaks of his skill to grasp the essence of the human being, leaving the appearance to the futile identity game that has always been.

Essence and essential are words linked by the same root and refer to something subtle, light, imperceptible to humans but omnipresent in nature, crucial in all vital processes on earth. Essence also means smell, fragrance, perfume: something that is carried by the air, which is made of air, something that when comes in contact with human and animal senses triggers drives and images that are often impossible to translate into any spoken language.

If we think that air itself is life, that in plant forms air is the core of all processes of birth and development, we can understand that the dog Argo is revealing a great secret to us: nature communicates with the living beings in direct contact with that essence and thus keeps them alive, ruling and nourishing them.

I have always thought that the name Argo for a project that had the care of the wild elements of nature as its fulcrum was a magnificent revelation, intended for me as an invitation to seek a true essence in all natural things, to establish that contact, to reach for the roots that, both for man and for trees, represent the true basis of being, its sustenance, its care.

For this reason I have drawn human faces that are formally connected with the nature of plants and for me this means that a healthier use of the mind can help man to undertake a vital journey towards the core of things where care and nature cannot be separated.

Air also represents thought, as it is present and intangible at the same time, essential and at the same time invisible; when we see the eyes of a human being we seem to perceive his thoughts, even though none of them has passed through us: we acquire a datum and through that gaze we witness a reflection of the most intimate abyss of being and all this is, again, intangible and at the same time essential.

Saint-Exupéry wrote that the essential is invisible to the eye; let’s think about how many invisible things nature produces and how many of these are given to the kingdom of air, let’s think about the unique quality of flowers capable to spread essences and fragrances, to how the plant world uses the air as a realm of expansion and nourishment, to how much the animals use smell as king of senses or to the fact that we could not even survive the heat of the sun without the terrestrial atmosphere and that the whole biosphere, and therefore all life, is the result of the eternal work of plants through the eons.

On closer inspection, if the essential is invisible, we must also conclude that the invisible is essential and learn the inestimable lesson of the dog Argo.”

Adriano De Vincentiis

Arwen 2021